Specialised Lessons

Specialised Lessons at ASHLEY'S

Business English, TOEIC®, TOEFL, EIKEN, FCE, IELTS, Travel English, The Listening Course & Other Personalised Lessons

In addition to our general conversation classes we also have a wide variety of other courses available to cater to your specific needs or interests.

Whether you need to improve you English for your career or just for self satisfaction we can ensure that you receive the type of lesson you desire to help you reach your personal goals & objectives.

All special courses use the latest texts from all the major EFL publishers such as Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and Cengage to ensure that the materials used are always up to date and relevant.

Business English


We offer two main Business English courses:

Beginner Business

A course designed for those students who have difficulty speaking English but need it in their day to day business life. Topics covered in this course build slowly from basics such as Business Introductions and Meeting Customers to more advanced aspects such as Using the Telephone; Making Arrangements and Attending Meetings; Business Trips Aboard and many more useful applications.

Regular Business

For students with some grasp of the language already we offer the Regular Business course which is ideally suited to people who want to sound more professional when doing Business in English. This course uses the latest topical materials and texts covering subjects such as: Socialising in Business; Scheduling and Planning; Presenting and Marketing; Exchanging Information and Meetings; Negotiation & Debate, Management & Leadership and many other subjects essential for the Business Executive.

Business Textbooks at ASHLEY'S

Both Business courses can be personalised to suit your specific requirements in order to prepare you perfectly for the world of International Business!



TOEICOur TOEIC® course is designed to help you improve both your current score and examination technique by focusing on elements that you personally find difficult and looking at methods to breakdown and simplify such problematic questions.

After completing a diagnostic test we will advise you of any potentially weak areas, then work together with you to create a programme to help you overcome these difficulties.

Feedback is available throughout your course to help you develop a greater understanding of how you personally approach the various aspects of the TOEIC® test.

In addition to classroom study, self study units and optional exercises can be set for homework to then be checked by your teacher once completed.

We have a choice of texts available and whichever you decide to adopt we can adapt the materials to suit your ability and preferences ensuring that we focus on your exact requirements.

TOEIC Textbooks at ASHLEY'SOne last word … We all know that the TOEIC® Test isn’t the easiest language proficiency test in the world but by working and studying together we can ensure you are better prepared the next time you take the test.

Don’t let a poor TOEIC® score stand between you and your future!


For groups of 10 or more students we are able to host the Official TOEIC® Test here at ASHLEY’S.

The benefits of this offer include:

  • Flexible Test dates to suit the candidates - a date convenient for all participants on which to stage the test may be set.
  • TOEIC® Test results are available in approx. 7 days - rather than the usual 30-35 days
If you’d like to know more about this service, please contact us for further details.


TOEFLPreparation for the TOEFL iBT can be quite daunting as the test is now quite complex and contains so many different elements. With this in mind the TOEFL iBT course at ASHLEY’S will help you to gain confidence in your approach to the test, thus allowing you to boost your score.

At first we’ll assess your current ability with the help of a diagnostic test, then after marking, give you feedback and discuss your target score and/or your exact requirements (for example for entry to a specific College or University).

Your course will then be tailored to focus on the elements you are finding most difficult to ensure that you are on your way to your chosen academic institution in no time.

In addition to classroom study, self study units together and optional exercises can be set for homework and checked by your teacher as required. Practice essays for the Writing Section of the test can also be set for completion at home to then be checked by your teacher and the results discussed together enabling you to improve your writing style.

We have a choice of texts available so whichever you decide to adopt we can adapt the materials to suit your ability and preferences ensuring that we focus on your exact requirements.


Eiken STEP Test

All levels of the EIKEN STEP test from 5 through 1 can be studied here at ASHLEY'S, each with it's own level specific set of materials. Past EIKEN papers are also on hand to give you plenty of practice.

For stage 1 of the test (Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and Writing) we are able to assist with interpretation of the question format and give explanations and further illustrative examples of the particular grammar points to aid in understanding of the more complex aspects.

Interview Practice for Stage 2 is particularly useful as most students find it difficult to prepare and practice sufficiently with a native speaker. Study of Stage 2 involves all aspects of language production, from Tone, Intonation & Pronunciation to Eye Contact & Body Language. Hints on how to approach (and indeed survive) the interview are also discussed and rehearsed.


The Cambridge ESOL First Certificate in EnglishWe offer a full preparation course for The Cambridge ESOL First Certificate in English covering all components of the examination from Reading, Writing & the Use of English to Listening and Speaking practice.

Our FCE lessons contain interesting and active topics to motivate you during your studies ensuring that you are well prepared for all possibilities when the date of the test arrives.

All of our FCE material covers the latest examination format.


IELTSBoth the Academic & General Training formats of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) are offered on our IELTS course.

Using the latest approved materials we focus upon the 4 elements of the test (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) offering tips & ideas on examination techniques at every step.

Vocabulary and other useful expressions used in the test are also studied to give you the very best chance of success.

All IELTS bands from 0-9 are covered in this course.

Other Examinations

Should you need help with any other English material or assistance in preparing for another examination subject not listed here such as BULATS, PET or others, please contact us as we should be able to assist you with your needs.

Travel English

Travel English lesson at ASHLEY'SShould you wish to study something a little different from a regular conversation lesson we have the Travel English course.

Travel English is ideally suited to mid-range beginners through to intermediate level students.

As part of this course you’ll learn all of the necessary phrases and vocabulary to survive and enjoy a trip abroad (For beginners there is even a Japanese/English Phrase Book included in the Student Book!)

Travel English textbooks at ASHLEY'S

Fun lessons and roleplays will help to prepare you for many of the events that you may encounter on your holiday. Ordering in a Hotel Restaurant; Checking-in with a Foreign Airline; Taking a Taxi and Buying Souvenirs at a Local Market are just of the scenarios included in the course.

If you want to get a little more from your next holiday abroad then this course is for you!

The Listening Course

For students who have difficulty ‘hearing English’ we offer The Listening Course which is a specifically designed topic based programme that contains more than it’s fair share of listening exercises.

Lessons cover lively topics and include discussion work, debate, specific and general listening exercises and of course, a lot of fun!

The Listening Course is particularly useful for mid-range beginners through to intermediate level students.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available on request.

The content of a private lesson is entirely flexible, you are welcome to bring your own materials or topics for discussion as you wish.

To give you an idea of what can be done, previous private lessons have included: Report writing & presentations; Speech rehearsals; Test practice; Overseas applications; Resume checking & job interview practice; Email writing & greetings and of course everyday conversation!