Children’s Classes

Children's Class at ASHLEY'S

ASHLEY’S offers Children’s English Language lessons for all children of ages 6+

With our very small children’s group class sizes, a maximum of five students in a class, we’re able to ensure that your child is encouraged to participate fully and receives our personal attention at all times.

Children’s group classes take place on weekdays and children may join any Junior or Senior Class of their choice depending upon their age & ability. Junior classes cater for children between the ages of 6-9 and Senior classes are for children aged 9-12.

All Junior and Senior group classes are 45 minutes in duration and follow a fixed weekly schedule so as to fit in with the student’s other curricular and non-curricular activities.

Lessons take place in safe, purpose built classrooms each with TV, DVD and CD facilities, Independent Air-Conditioning and Under-floor Heating. All teaching & lesson materials have been purchased specifically with children in mind so as to create a fun & active learning experience.

Children's Classroom at ASHLEY'S

Should you have any concerns regarding your child’s learning environment we welcome parental inspection at anytime.

Advanced Children’s Lessons and Lessons for Returnees

For those children whose English ability is above that of a regular Junior or Senior group class we also offer an advanced English class using an alternative multi-skills text series that is designed specially to appeal to students who already possess a foundation in English.

As the level of ability can vary considerably for children of this background we would encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss the needs of your child personally with you and make the right choices together.

Conversation Bridge

For children over 12 years old who are not confident enough in English to join a regular adult class we offer a bridge course to bring your child up to speed to enable them to join a regular general conversation class as soon as they are able. With a small amount of additional coaching they should be able to conduct themselves in a regular conversation lesson very quickly.

If you think that your child may require this additional support then please contact us so we can discuss their individual needs together.

EIKEN & School Examination Prep Course

Eiken STEP Test

The EIKEN STEP Test is familiar to many children and is part of the syllabus in the majority of schools here in Japan. At ASHLEY’S all levels of the EIKEN STEP Test from 5 through to 1 can be studied.

For Stage 1 of the test (Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and Writing) we are able to assist with interpretation of the question format and give explanations and further illustrative examples of the particular grammar points to aid in understanding of the more complex aspects.

Interview Practice for Stage 2 is particularly useful as most students find it difficult to prepare and practice sufficiently with a native speaker. Study of Stage 2 involves all aspects of language production, from Tone, Intonation & Pronunciation to Eye Contact & Body Language. Hints on how to approach (and indeed survive) the interview are also discussed and rehearsed.

EIKEN & School Examination Prep CourseA rather troubling aspect of school life is that of English examinations & proficiency tests. Here at ASHLEY'S we offer help in preparing for such examinations by analysing the requirements of the particular test, then matching it to our level specific materials and building a course of study accordingly.

Aspects such as reading, vocabulary, essay writing and grammar are all studied as part of the course helping to develop the skills necessary for success.

Our EIKEN & School Examination Prep Course does require the student to do a fair amount of independent home study in order to achieve their goal.


For all Children’s courses homework is regularly set and monitored by the teacher, of course with parent’s consent.

Children's textbooks at ASHLEY'S

Young Learners

For younger children under six, who are not yet old enough to join a Children’s group class we have a range of texts specifically designed to help develop their English communication skills. Parents are welcome to use these materials with their child at home. Please ask our reception staff for further details.

Young Learners at ASHLEY'S

Children's Class at ASHLEY'SChildren's Class at ASHLEY'S