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Group classes ¥3,650
Private lessons ¥7,300

Group classes ¥14,500 per month
Private lessons ¥5,000


Study abroad programme at Oxford University

Children’s Courses

Welcome to ASHLEY'S English Language School in Futako Tamagawa

If you're looking for an English School that offers entertaining, topical English lessons at affordable prices in a friendly, relaxed environment with professional, motivated teachers, where you can buy as few or as many lessons as you wish, then try ASHLEY'S.

We are open from 11.00-21.00 on weekdays and from 10.00-18.00 on Sundays and National Holidays, with a very flexible reservation system.
All of our highly experienced native English speaking teachers actively encourage you to improve and make every effort to ensure that you receive the very best tuition available.
Enrolment is only ¥9,500. For adults, group classes are ¥3,650 & private lessons are ¥7,300. Children's group classes are ¥14,500 per month whilst private lessons are ¥5,000. Textbooks range from ¥1,500 upwards depending on the course of study.
World Wildlife FundASHLEY'S offer a variety of quality Study Abroad programmes & Junior Summer Camps in beautiful locations around the world. The school also makes regular donations to the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) through fundraising activities.
ASHLEY'S English School lesson